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Monday, June 9, 2008

Is Obama buying into all the hype?

As the primary campaign progressed I assumed Sen. Obama was just enjoying the ride of popularity and understood he isn't actually a/the Messiah. Turns out, after reading the text of his speech after clinching the Dem nomination, I was wrong he does really think he has super-natural powers.

Frank Miele of the Daily InterLake has a column titled "Obama’s wee small promises" which looks at the arrogance on display in his speech.
I see that Sen. Obama in his coronation speech the other night promised to turn back the waters of the ocean — or did he say he had already done it?
In either case, I am happy to report that we are now living in a new era of peace and prosperity, which only the very cynical among us could doubt.

Here are the words of Barack Obama himself, which confirm for all who have ears to hear, that the chains of humanity and nature have at last been thrown aside and mankind can finally claim to be masters of the universe.
Read the rest, it is worth the effort of clicking on the link.

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Blogger Ben said...

how could he not buy into the hype if you think about it?

June 9, 2008 at 11:28 AM


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