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Monday, September 1, 2008

Secret Life of an American Teenager

The title of this post is borrowed from a new television series that started a month or so ago. The show tells the story of a high school sophomore who discovers she is pregnant just as the new school year is starting. While some of the characters are overly exaggerated versions of common stereotypes, our family has taken to watching the show each week. With a daughter entering her sophomore year of high school the show has hit home.

What causes me to write about that show today is news out of the political world that vice presidential candidate Gov. Sarah Palin's 17 year-old daughter Bristol is 5 months pregnant. However, unlike Amy Juergens of the TV show, Bristol's life will be anything but secret. We all make mistakes, but this young lady will see hers play out on the most public of stages. I would recommend she not visit the internet for a while as there will likely be some ugly things written about her and her family. If you believe in the power of prayer keep Bristol Palin in your prayers.

Apparently, Sen. McCain was aware of this situation before making his decision and did not let the daughter's mistake affect his decision. I'm sure some who wanted another VP choice (Romney, Pawlenty, etc.) will point to this as evidence of poor judgment. Time will tell.

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