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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Do Senate Seats Belong to Specific Demographic Groups?

Apparently, there is an area of acceptable racism left in this country. In fact there is acceptance of sexism in the same situation. What situation is that? Politics. This morning we have an article from the Chicago Sun-Times titled "Black leaders see Senate seat being hijacked." The author, Laura Washington, advances the idea raised amongst Illinois black "leaders" that the senate seat vacated by Barack Obama should be filled with a black person. Likewise some are asserting the senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton should be filled by a woman. What a disgusting and divisive position to espouse. People are entitled to representation in the senate (or other areas of government) based on their citizenship not based on a nationality, race, religion, etc. As an Ohioan I am entitled to two senators. As a Catholic I have no basis to demand a Catholic fill one of the 100 senate seats. As a Navy veteran I have no basis to assume a certain percentage of the senators be Navy veterans. I've hear that over 4 percent of our population are illegal aliens. Should we have a couple illegals in the senate? Here is an idea for Illinois and other states to consider. Choose someone who will represent your state or district honorably and ably.


Blogger ffrye said...


Nice. I can't wait to see the quotas start stacking up. Maybe there ought to be a few bankrupt auto makers in there too. Frenchie

December 22, 2008 at 5:00 AM


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