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Friday, July 24, 2009

Winners and Losers Cambridge Edition

As everyone is aware, last week there was a confrontation between a Harvard professor and a Cambridge police officer. This wouldn't be nationally newsworthy except the professor happened to be a black man who screamed racism and belligerent and crappy with the police officer. Beyond that the story got further legs when the president answered a question about the case and immediately assumed the polices actions were race based and declared that the Cambridge police acted "stupidly." A bad situation all around. However, there are some winners to go along with the mix of losers. Here is the cast of characters and a quick analysis of how they did during the confrontation and in the aftermath.

Professor Gates - Stature clearly diminished. Showed himself to be race obsessed and immature. Could go so far as to say his integrity is in question based on the facts of the case not matching his rants and comments. Loser.

Harvard - The college has employed this character for decades to show their progressiveness. Hard to believe they were unaware of his nature. Slight loser.

Sergeant Crowley - Stayed composed even while being falsely accused of racism. received strong support from local and national law enforcement organizations. However, he was branded a racist and some will believe the charge regardless of basis. Also, the president described his actions as stupid and whether they should or not some people give credence to the president's opinion. I'd like to label Crowley a winner, but he somewhat lost. That is the problem with false accusations, especially regarding race, once a charge is leveled it will always be part of your story.

President Obama - Unnecessarily injected himself in the case. He admitted he didn't have the facts yet still declared the police acted stupidly. It was an opportunity to be a racial healer by making the point that in cases like this some people too quickly assume a racial aspect without that being the case. However, instead of acting presidential, Obama showed himself to have the same opinion on race matters as clowns like the "camera reverends." Loses his mantel as a post-racial politician. Came across as still being a community agitator instead of being on the law and order side of things. Big loser.

People who voted for President Obama thinking he was a post-racial politician - It is up to them. If they realize he's a JAP (Just Another Politician) then they're a step ahead of where the were. If they still fall for his empty rhetoric then they are bigger losers.

Bill Cosby and Juan Williams - Cosby correctly said the president was wrong to weigh in and Williams correctly declared this confrontation was NOT a case of racial profiling. Both are winners who will have greater credibility going forward. Folks who immediately side with their own race regardless of facts have zero credibility.

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick - See comments regarding President Obama.


Blogger bob said...

Bill, You forgot us maybe the biggest losers. Everytime some crack pot uses race as an excuse or as a slur it prevents the moving away from a race dominated discussion on policies

July 28, 2009 at 1:54 AM


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