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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Political Correctness NFL Style

Larry Johnson of the Kansas City Chiefs has been suspended by the team and barred from the team facilities. What major offense did Johnson commit? Kill he drive drunk? Did he beat his wife/girlfriend? Did he fail to pay taxes? Did he fumble three times in a game? No, nothing minor like that. Worse than that, Johnson, in the heat of the moment after another loss in a long losing season, got on twitter and criticized his coach and then responding to an insult he used a gay slur (fag). Who cares? Reality is Johnson is no longer a great running back like he was a few years back. If Johnson was still a punishing running back pounding out 100+ yards a game and 1,500 a year the gay slur would be ignored. Actually, if he was still great the team would have a few more wins and he wouldn't be angry enough after a game to lash out like he did.

I don't know if Johnson has much left. I do know that if interviewed when calm he is a very bright and engaging player. If the Chiefs cut him loose, I'd have no problem with the Browns picking him up. Sometimes a player with a chip on their shoulder does great with a second chance. There are quite a few Hall of Fame players who were cut by a team or two (Unitas, Dawson, Largent, etc). Last years NFL Defensive Player of the Year,James Harrison Jr. was undrafted and cut several times in his career before he developed into a topnotch player. Right now the Bengals are riding the performance of Cedric Benson who the Bears gave up on.

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