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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Which Should Be a Greater Concern; Witchcraft or Marxism

In the Delaware race for the U.S. Senate seat previously held by Vice President Biden some odd allegations are being tossed around. The Republican candidate, Christine O'Donnell is being mocked as a witch because on some idiot's "comedy" show years ago she said she dabbled in witchcraft in high school or knew kids that were involved in it or whatever. The Democrat candidate, Chris Coons once described himself as a bearded Marxist and claimed it was the instruction of Marxist professors that lead him to become a Democrat.

Okay, for this exercise, let's assume both allegations are true. Which is a bigger issue? My first inclination is to give a flippant answer like well since there is no such thing as witches and there is such a thing as Marxists I'm more concerned with the Marxist. Or alternatively, I thought about looking at the job they want and whether the Senate is more likely to vote on sorcery or legislation which could lead to socialism, communism, marxism etc? However, I decided that isn't serious enough for the matter being discussed. The better way to look at this question is to look back at the last century. How many people were killed by witches or warlocks in the 20th century? Huh, how many was that? Okay, then how many were killed by communists? Holy crap! Over a hundred million!

Bottom line: I'm not too concerned about imaginary witches. I am concerned about the evil that is done in the pursuit of communism. Remember most socialists believe the only reason communism hasn't worked in the past is the wrong people were in charge.

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