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Monday, March 31, 2008

Illegal Alien Sues, Saying NYPD Called in Feds

Only in this litigious country we call the United States of America could we get a story like this:
An unlicensed cab driver will seek to show a federal jury this week that the police department is failing to abide by Mayor Bloomberg's pledge that the city won't alert immigration authorities to illegal aliens who otherwise obey the law. The case of the cab driver, Waheed Saleh of Jenin in the West Bank, indicates that a New York City police lieutenant casually tipped off a federal immigration officer about Mr. Saleh's immigration status, court documents in the case show.
So this crook is here illegally and he is suing the police for telling immigration officials that this pain in the butt is here illegally.

Separately, if the cops did tell INS about this goof then why is he still here to sue them? Once again the system isn't working. Advocates of open borders and amnesty for illegals argue that you can't round up millions of people and deport them all. The counter argument is, just because you can't deport them all doesn't mean you shouldn't deport any. That is like kids telling their parents "I can't clean my whole bedroom so I decided not to start on any of it."



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