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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Make more room under that bus!

During this election cycle the term "thrown under the bus" has been used frequently regarding how Sen. Obama has had to disassociate himself from his various embarrassing friends, relatives and associates. Obama's grandmother, "Rev." Wright, Fr. Michael Pfleger, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko, and others need to make room under that bus for a foul mouthed, trashy rapper by the name of Ludacris (real name: Christopher Bridges). Sen. Obama has previously hung out with this character and said he has him as a regular on his I-POD. Now, Ludacris has a new song out regarding the current political scene in which, among other stupid comments, he refers to Sen. Hillary Clinton as a bitch. I'm sure we can expect to hear Sen. Obama distance himself from this guy with comments about "this is not the Ludacris I've known" which is his standard statement used to pretend that he could not have foreseen the actions of the person who embarrassed him. Problem is (just like with Rev. Wright) these are exactly the kind of comments one would expect from one of Ludacris' ilk.

There are dozens of policy position reasons not to vote for Obama to be president. Completely aside from positions on issues is his character and maturity. Hanging out with and listening to the "music" of trash like Ludacris demonstrate a serious character flaw.

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