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Friday, July 11, 2008

Obama Demonstrates Lack of Business Sense

The Obama campaign has issued a press release endorsing an awful attempt of excessive government interference in business operations titled "Obama Endorses Paid Sick Days." The release is subtitled "Presidential Candidate Says They're Vital to Women's Economic Security." Because Sen. Obama has no experience, whether in business or even executive experience in government, he doesn't comprehend how this type of regulation impacts businesses and leads to higher unemployment. If the senator had any life experience he'd understand that employees benefits are one of the many ways employers attract better employees. If I own company "A" and I need employees to develop, produce and sell our product I have to offer competitive wages and benefits to get and retain the best employees. If company "B" is offering a better total compensation package they will be able to win the better qualified candidates for job openings. Prospective employees have different benefit desires that determine which job offer they take.

Beyond all that, mandating sick days or vacation time leads companies to hire less employees in the same way that minimum wage hurts entry level workers.

This is the sort of issue Democrats like Sen. Obama like to champion as it sounds nice to the typical voter who doesn't look past the headline to consider the impact. They are counting on people just nodding their heads and saying "yeah, folks should get sick days" this guy must really care. It is easy for politicians to act like they care while spending other people's money.


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