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Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Case of Misplaced Blame

It seems whenever a criminal cur is put down the criminal's family blames the wrong party. Whether it is the police or an armed citizen who shoots the criminal the family will never look at themselves or the crook when assigning blame. Here is the latest example:
Former Marine's Actions Called Into Question The family of one of the men who was shot by a retired United States Marine while they attempted to rob a Subway sandwich shop said the customer shouldn't have pulled the trigger.

According to Plantation police, two armed men barged into the Subway at 1949 Pine Island Road shortly after 11 p.m. Wednesday, demanding money from the employee behind the counter. When they tried to force John Lovell into the bathroom, he pulled out a gun and shot both men, police said.
Hey, grandma! Guess what? You waited until it was too late to care about the punk. Don't want your precious child or grandchild shot while robbing someone? Then raise them to understand that robbing someone is wrong and also that it carries the risk of meeting someone not in the mood to be a victim. In the long run, this Marine may have saved the lives of other dumb kids who may think twice before deciding to rob people. Go looking for a meek victim and you may accidentally meet a Marine. Semper fi!


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