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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What does political correctness and diversity BS lead to in the long run?

The trend over the last couple decades towards more political correctness was idealistically aimed at improving relations across cultural lines. Among normal sane people it has largely led to better race relations. However, collaterally it has spawned a mentality that no one can ever be offended. This is especially true when dealing with groups that the civilized world is leery, or scared of offending. Here is an example from England which has a growing Islamic population problem. The police produce a sign advertising a new non-emergency phone number that included a cute puppy.

Now, they are forced to apologize for the sign. Why? Because the Islamic crazies don't like dogs. I'm not fond of cats. This is a bad analogy, but if someone uses cats in a sign and I complain do you think I hear an apology? Nope. Why not? Because, unlike the nutty Muslims, regular folks don't riot and threaten to kill people over a minor affront. Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting that we should intentionally try to offend any group. However, until Muslims are able to ignore minor crap like this they will not be accepted as a mature segment of the civilized world.


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