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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just another case of chickens coming home to roost

After the September 11th attacks "Reverend" Jeremiah Wright (you know the guy under the bus who used to be Barack Obama's mentor, spiritual advisor, and pastor for 20+ years) declared that the attacks were just "America's chickens com'n home to roost" in other words 9/11 was our own fault. Well, Wright has some chickens coming home to his roost.
Jeremiah Wright, the firebrand pastor and former intimate of Barack Obama is in the news again. On the front page of today's New York Post, he is accused of having an affair with one Elizabeth Payne, a 37-year old church worker, who has told the newspaper this was the reason for the eventual breakdown of her marriage.
Marriages fail for any number of reasons and normally I'd shy away from passing judgment or even commenting on marital failings. However, since this goof didn't hesitate to pass judgment on our country I'll make an exception. It is one of the lowest forms of "men" that would betray his own marriage vows and entice another to break their marriage vows. I would recommend this turd get his own house in order before he lectures the rest of us.

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