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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Don't lose hope!

The media and the pollsters have been attempting to create an air of inevitability regarding Sen. Obama's election. It is a transparent ploy to discourage Republicans and in turn reduce voter turn out. Don't buy into their narrative. Write a different result.

Here are somethings to consider as the election nears. Share them with people you know who are undecided or leaning towards voting for the Hopey-Change guy just assuming that any change is improvement.

The comprehensive argument against Barack Obama. This is a long, well-researched breakdown of various reasons to have reservations about Sen. Obama. However, despite the title it is hardly comprehensive.

PA Governor 'Nervous,' Sees McCain Surge. If Gov. Rendell thinks the Obama campaign is in trouble in Pennsylvania it is because he is seeing internal polling that McCain is stronger in rural Pennsylvania than they previously believed. If Obama loses Pennsylvania he can thank Rep. John "My constituents are racist rednecks" Murtha for all his help.

The Bill Ayers Problem. Some people think the Ayers situation has played out and the electorate isn't interested. That could be true if Sen. Obama hadn't been dishonest when initially asked about Ayers. However, instead of being honest, Obama tried to minimize his history of relations with Ayers by saying "He's just some guy in my neighborhood." Since then he has reluctantly and gradually admitted more and more involvement with an unrepentant domestic terrorist. If there was nothing to be ashamed of then there would have been no need to lie. There is more to this story. The question is when will the story be told? What has come out so far is troubling but not as much as his 20 years in "Rev." Wright's hateful, racist church. The rest of the story must be much bigger for him to have bothered lying about the relationship. Evidence is growing that Ayers (an accomplished writer) actually was the ghost writer for Obama's book Dreams of my Father. Why does that matter? It matters for two reasons. There are some people who jumped on the Obama bandwagon partly because they read and liked the book and thought it reflected well on his intellect (perversely including Bill Buckley's son). Equally important is this would come across as a deliberate lie and some people don't like that.

The HOPE ON Project (Help Ohio Prevent Electing Obama Now) is a thirteen part series of posts spearheaded by Tom Blumer of BizzyBlog explaining Obama's unfitness for higher office. Here are links to the first three - One, Two, Three. The rest of the posts in the series will be added each day leading up to election day.

Like it or not, race will play a role in this election and how the results are interpreted. The Bradley Effect theorizes that polls are less accurate in elections with a black candidate. This effect usually leads to polls overestimating the vote for the black candidate. Also, in this election season Sen. Obama and his supporters have at times way overplayed the race card. I sense a growing resentment among voters over feeling like you always have to watch your words to be sure you're not offending the easily offended.

There is anecdotal evidence that McCain is getting some crossover support from voters who would normally vote for the Dem presidential nominee. Some guy named Jack Zettler is the Democrat candidate for county auditor. Well, just in our neighborhood I've seen a half dozen homes with yard signs for both Zettler and McCain. I highly doubt these are lifelong Republicans crossing over to vote for Zettler. My guess/hope is these are Democrats with reservations about voting for Obama.

Lastly, though I don't trust polls until it is within a week of the election, here is a headline to keep you positive: AP presidential poll: Race tightens in final weeks The tightening was credited to the third debate and Obama's answer to Joe the Plumber.

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