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Friday, October 17, 2008

Gov. Palin visits West Chester

Gov. Sarah Palin visited our little township of West Chester, Ohio today. A great time was had by the audience. To warm up the crowd the Bellamy Brothers played a number of their old hits. They were followed by the marching band from Lakota West High School. Lakota West's band is nationally renowned having played in the Rose Bowl Parade earlier this year. Then the speeches started. The Butler County Auditor Roger Reynolds went first and it was quite apparent that he understand Gov. Palin's popularity as he attempted to portray himself as a reformer in the same mold as the governor. I'd give him a "C" grade. He likely has never addressed a crowd this size before and stumbled early saying "I was borned in . . . " Reynolds was followed by Rep. John Boehner who did a much better job firing up the crowd. Regardless of how well Boehner did there was only one person that this crowd was there to see - Gov. Sarah Palin. I don't like identity politics, but the women in the crowd were highly energized and enthusiastic. Palin did not disappoint she hit the key themes of the McCain campaign and the crowd ate it up.

This rally was very important for the McCain/Palin campaign. To win Ohio they need a very strong turnout in Butler County. In 2004 President Bush won Ohio by 117,000 votes with over 50,000 of that victory coming from Butler County alone. High turnout is a reflection of enthusiasm levels and Palin equals conservative enthusiasm. What I think people like about her is she is unabashedly conservative. Far too many Republicans with excessive time in D.C. seem to temper their views in order to avoid being left off party lists. Outside of D.C. we don't like that, we want people who are confident enough in their positions that they can defend them passionately.



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