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Friday, September 12, 2008

Obama's problem with women

Sen. Obama is at risk of losing a demographic group that has consistently voted more than 50% for the Democratic candidate in national elections. Some of the problem is out of his control. To secure the nomination he had to overcome a popular female candidate who was expected to easily secure the nomination. However, choosing a running mate was something within his control and instead of picking his formal rival, the agent of imaginary change went with just another old white guy (Biden). On top of that his Republican opponent, Sen. John McCain, chose a female running mate. Since the selection of Gov. Sarah Palin as McCain's any attacks against her by the Obama team have backfired and at times appeared sexist. Here are links to a few articles regarding women who normally vote Democrat but are now taking a second look at the GOP in the wake of Palin's VP nomination:

'She's one of us': Palin wins over Obama women

Rebecca Johnson: 'I am a liberal, but I'm blown away by Sarah Palin'

The Rantings of a P.T.A. Mom

Then today I see an article that says Obama (who demagogues the issue of gender pay disparity) pays the women on his staff less then the men while McCain pays the women on his staff more than his male staffers. How Team Obama Pays Women

I'm sure polls will soon reflect whether the number of women voting Republican is shifting. Thing is it does not need to be a massive percentage to spell major problems for Obama. If he does just a couple percentage points worse among women than John Kerry did in 2004 he will lose big.


Blogger Ben said...

Depending on the poll, we are already seeing shifts to McCain in the demographic. If it holds, then Obama is in a dire position.

September 13, 2008 at 12:01 PM


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