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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

You make less than $250K so why should you care about Obama's tax increases?

I bet most folks have run into friends, family members, neighbors etc., who are unconcerned about the tax implications of this election. A lot of folks just don't care or don't believe it will impact them personally. Sen. Obama clearly understands this and threw out a big number - $250k or a quarter of a million dollars - as the income level that will see an increase in their tax burden. That is a neat dividing line. Most voters make far less than that amount and those that make well above that amount are a small enough segment of the voting population that it is safe to threaten to raise their taxes. You can explain to those people that raising taxes will deepen and lengthen the recession or explain how an overtaxed business owner will hire less employees, not give raises, not expand, etc. Problem is that argument doesn't seem to get through to a lot of people. The mindset remains that as long as I make less than a quarter of a million dollars a year it won't matter to me. The better argument to make is to let people know Obama is lying. When they look suprised that you are certain he's lying, ask those people "what from Obama's limited history would lead them to believe he is telling the truth?" When he ran for the senate he campaign on a promise to work for a middle class tax cut. Never happened. When his racist demogogue pastor became public knowledge his first answer was "I could no more disown him than I could my White Grandmother." Within a month he not only disowned "Rev." Wright but had also tossed his grandmother under the bus as a "typical white person." Another example is public financing for his campaign. Last year, both he and Sen. McCain gave their word to live with the limits of accepting public financing. However, he showed his word is worthless by continuing to go with private contributions. Ask them who will force Obama to keep his word? A senate lead by Harry Reid? A house of representative run by San Fran Nancy Pelosi? Not hardly. They are left with just taking the word of a guy who has never voted for a tax reduction or against a tax hike.

Bottom line: If you believe Obama will only raise taxes on the rich then you likely would also be inclined buy a bridge from a snake-oil salesman. And remember income taxes are far from the only way they can reach into your pocket.

Disclaimer: While I cited Obama's refusal of public funding after promising to abide by those limits as evidence of his untrustworthiness, I am not a fan of tax payer monies being spent on campaigns. Let candidates spend their own money or the money of people dumb enough to donate to their campaigns, but don't use money confiscated from citizens to fund their quixotic job hunts.

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Blogger bob said...

Bill, They all use tax payer money unless they resign their present elected office.

October 28, 2008 at 3:00 PM


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