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Monday, December 22, 2008

Obama makes a good decision

I probably won't get many opportunities to be complimentary towards president-elect Obama. Based on his political leanings and campaign promises, I doubt I will enjoy the path we will take over the next four years. With that in mind, I figure I should take a moment and make mention of his best decision since election night. What decision is that? Am I speaking of a cabinet appointment? Nope. I'm referring to his decision to take a vacation. He may or may not realize it, but this is the last real vacation he will enjoy until he is out of office. Despite the media's fascination with President Bush's time in Crawford, the reality is there are no vacations for presidents. There may be times when there is less strife in the world than others. However, no one knows in advance when those moments will occur so you can't schedule a vacation with known down time. After 20 January 2009 Barack Obama may seek refuge at Camp David or in Hawaii, but he will not truly have a vacation again until he is no longer president. Enjoy the vacation and return well rested because a tough job awaits and it is a 24/7 - 365 job.



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