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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Brotherly Love?

A few years ago Mark McGwire appeared before some congressional hearing and embarrassed himself with a performance that convinced most observers that he had used steroids while playing baseball. Since then McGwire has been nearly invisible and has received little support in his few years on the Hall of Fame ballot. Today, I see a sad story reporting that his younger brother, Jay McGwire, is hawking a book that details McGwire's steroid usage. Indefensible. We can agree or disagree about the harmful physical affects of steroid usage or the ethical implications of using PED's to get an upper hand in sports. However, there is no argument over whether someone should betray a family member. It's just wrong. This isn't a case of telling on someone who is actively doing something which could harm others. In other words the Unabomber being turned in by his brother is kosher this isn't.

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