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Monday, March 23, 2009

What if Bush had . . . . . . ? #1

A new feature I'll be posting are entries titled "What if Bush had . . .?" For the most part I had decided not to jump on each mistake President Obama has made. There are a couple reasons for taking that position. First, I understand that as president you are going to misspeak and verbal flubs are usually insignificant. Also, I didn't want to act as immature as how the left behaved during the last administration. Beyond those reasons, there are time constraints. No one has the time to document all of Obama's mistakes at the rate he is making them (well, maybe Don Surber can). However, it becoming very apparent that the "in-the-bag" media is disinclined to cover Obama honestly. So, I'm starting a series titled: "What if Bush had . . .?" to highlight the media negligence in covering the president they elected.

Here is the first item: President Obama sent a letter to the President of France but he addressed it to Jacques Chirac who left office a couple years ago. The French media are all over the story. Our domestic media? They're not interested in this story. Hmmm, wonder why?



Blogger Norma said...

What if Bush had said privacy instead of piracy like Obama did in talking about the recent incident.

April 19, 2009 at 6:27 PM


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