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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another Factor in the High Cost of Health Care

There are dozens of reasons why health care costs have increased over the last few decades chief amongst these is that the end user in many cases is not footing the bill and thus more likely to seek treatment for minor ailment and less likely to question costs. However, another factor is demonstrated in this article:
'Three parent babies' take a step closer to reality. Researchers used eggs from young donors to repair damaged eggs of older women in order to increase their chances of fertilisation.

They have not yet used the eggs to produce babies, but they have injected them with sperm to produce an early stage embryo in the laboratory.
I feel sympathetic for couples who desire to have children but for some reason or another are medically incapable. However, their desire to have children is no justification for the vast amounts spent on finding new ways to have babies. We somehow were able to build the world population up to more than six billion people the old fashioned way. Do we really need to spend billions of dollars to create more people in a laboratory???

That doesn't even touch on the obvious ethical concerns inherent in scientists attempting to play God in their labs.


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