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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Politics of Sexual Blackmail

The Other McCain links to an article by Steve Benen in The Washington Monthly deploring someone opposed to Sen. Lindsey Graham's (R-SC) position on immigration alluding to Graham allegedly being gay.

McCain's post dealt with the hypocrisy angle of a leftist decrying the outing of an allegedly gay Republican since the left hasn't hesitated to out gay Republican politicians when it suited their purposes.

In my opinion, the underlying issue is much more problematic. I don't really care if boys decide to like boys or if girls decide to like girls. However, it becomes a potential problem when one is in politics and attempts to lead a secret life. Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) can't be coerced into changing a position or vote based on a fear that the voters will find out he's gay. If the people of a state (say, South Carolina) elect a senator based on a belief he is relatively conservative they expect that senator to vote a certain way. If some people in Washington, DC find out that a supposedly conservative, straight, male, senator has a boyfriend it doesn't take much imagination to think that information would be used to influence his stance on key issues.

It may be naive of me, but I believe politicians have a moral obligation to ensure they can not be subjected to sexual blackmail. You can NOT be blackmailed about something that is NOT a secret.

For clarification purposes, let me unequivocally state I have no knowledge of whether Sen. Graham is gay. I also have no idea whether he has been unduly influenced to take ridiculous positions on cap and trade or if he really believes in the goofy global warming scam.

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