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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Congratulations Badgers/Post Mortem Buckeyes

Congratulations to the Wisconsin Badgers on their upset of previously number one Ohio State Buckeyes. This loss wasn't much fun to watch, but it was not as bad as others in recent years in championship games. The main reason this loss is less troubling is I was not sold on this years version of the Buckeyes. Sure, I was rooting for them to win and didn't like seeing them lose. However, the inability to run the ball in the first few games left me wondering if they'd be able to run when they would need to in conference games. When your leading rusher is your quarterback in most games it's just a bad sign. I have to give it up to the Badgers. They just flat out played a better game. They were enthusiastic and controlled the line of scrimmage especially in the first half. Ohio State needs to win out to end the season near the top five of the rankings. That's about the best they can hope for this year. Having said all that, I wouldn't want to face them the next few weeks as I expect they will play a lot looser the rest of the way.

The real winner from tonight's results are the Michigan State Spartans and Boise State. MSU already beat Wisconsin and doesn't play Ohio State this year. They now have a clear path to a Big Ten title. Boise State had no chance to get into the BCS title game if there were two or more undefeated teams from major conferences. A one loss team might keep them out, but it is unlikely.

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Blogger bob said...

Bill, This Ohio State team has struck me as a team going no where. Offensively they often look out of sync and defensively a good quarterback should have field day. All that being said they are still a very good football team just not championship caliber.

October 17, 2010 at 3:18 AM


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