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Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Complaint About a Commercial

The Windows Phone has been running a TV commercial which mocks how wrapped up some people are in their current phone. A catch phrase in the commercial is someone else in the phone users life saying "Really?" out of exasperation. I buy it in some of the scenes. Something is wrong with a guy obsessing with his phone while his pretty wife is in lingerie awaiting attention. However, one scene has a guy using the phone at the urinal. I'm fine with that - multi-tasking is all the rage. However, the guy drop the phone into the urinal and bends over and picks it up. Another guy using a urinal says "Really?" as the other guy retrieves his phone. What, did he expect him to leave it there? Sure, it got wet. So what! Wipe it off. Those high end smart phones are not cheap. Might just be me, but that segment of the commercial is stupid


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