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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Gender Confusion Nonsense

Latest sign we are heading somewhere in a hand basket awfully fast. They changed the blood donor screening form (again!) and this time they changed the wording of the gender block. Block used to just be titled "Gender." Now the block is titled "Gender AT THE TIME OF BIRTH." 

I felt like informing the nurse that someone's gender today is their gender at time of birth. You can't change your gender. It is encoded in your DNA. You can dress differently than most in your gender. You can change your name. You can even pay a doctor to mutilate your genitals. However, you can not change your gender. 

Societally, we have harmed millions by sending the message that a scalpel is the tool to use when psychological counseling is the appropriate treatment. If a young girl insisted she were Napoleon Bonaparte we wouldn't dress her in old French military attire after doing various surgeries. No, we would commit her for mental health treatment. Sadly, if same young girl insisted she thought she was a boy, without naming which one she believed herself  to be, we've decided over last few decades that it's appropriate to play along with her delusions and do surgery. 

How barbaric a practice.


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