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Friday, May 3, 2013

Political Correctness More Important Than Accuracy?

From the Iowa Supreme Court we get this little bit of lunacy today:
Married same-sex couples have the same rights as married heterosexuals to have both parents listed on the birth certificates of their newborn children, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled this morning.
Not to belabor the obvious, but a Birth Certificate is a record of information regarding someone's birth. It should list various identifying information: where, when, doctor's name, baby's name, mother's name and father's name, etc. For the father's name you basically have two choices: if mom knows who the father is then list his name, if mom can't narrow the list down to one name you can list unknown. While a child can be taught to call two different people mommy, reality is the child has only one physiological mother which is who's name should be recorded on the birth certificate. As a separate note, between this nonsense and the hyphenated name silliness good luck trying to do up family trees in the future.


Blogger bob said...

Just another example of the absurdity of the whole gay marriage thing. Words have meanings and we can't just change definitions to suit the latest fad or to make ourselves feel good.

May 4, 2013 at 3:36 AM


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