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Monday, April 14, 2008

Why lawyer jokes will never get old

In recent decades it has gotten harder to tell jokes as more and more groups have become off limits. Don't even think of telling an ethnic based joke. One group that has yet to be declared off limits are lawyers. Based on this article, I doubt that will change any time soon.
A politically connected Brooklyn judge plans to file a $1 million lawsuit against the city after slipping on a just-mopped floor in his own courthouse, the Daily News has learned.

Supreme Court Justice Jack Battaglia - who hears civil cases and earns $136,000 a year - is even targeting the courthouse cleaning lady who wielded the mop, according to legal papers.

The judge fractured his knee in the Nov. 9, 2007, tumble outside room 452 and was forced to undergo surgery and physical therapy.

In his Jan. 31 notice of claim, Battaglia accuses the city of "negligently using a mop bucket and wringer" and "negligently using a mop and soapy water" to create a "dangerous and hazardous traplike condition."
So, this moron doesn't know how to walk without falling and he is attempting to extort a million dollars from the city and a cleaning lady. What happened to the concept of shame?

The article also lets us play the Name that Party game as they mention he is politically connected, but fail to indicate to which political party he is affiliated. Oddly enough, the article does say the judge's sister is dating a Democrat party boss. So, his sister's boyfriend's political party is germane to the story but it isn't newsworthy to include the party of the subject of the story. Go figure.



Blogger jonas said...

The reason the story didn't list his party affiliation is that judicial candidates in NY have to denounce any prior political party affiliation. The story was probably looking for a cheap rise by throwing in the sister's Democratic boyfriend (I think it was)

April 25, 2008 at 12:22 AM


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