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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Daily Sports Blurb, Anecdote or Quote 30 July 2008

Why do people hate Adam Dunn? Adam Dunn is a power hitting outfielder for the Cincinnati Reds. Today I was out driving and heard Billy Cunningham on WLW disparaging Dunn and saying he needs to be shipped out prior to the trade deadline. Reds play by play announcer Marty Brennaman is relentless in ripping Dunn as source of all the Reds' problems. If I watch a Reds game with friends inevitably talk of getting rid of Dunn comes up. I just don't get the level of animosity. I recognize Dunn's limitations. Sure, he strikes out a lot and he will never be confused for a Gold Glove fielder. Since the beginning of the 2004 season he has the most strike outs in baseball. However, he also has the most homers and walks in that period with 196 and 511 respectively. If they do decide to trade Dunn there is a lot of production to make up as he has hit 40 or more homers a year the last four seasons.



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