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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

FOX News Going Downhill?

Sadly, FOX is about to take a major step backwards. has an article titled "The man behind 'Fair and Balanced'" looking at Brit Hume as he is retiring following this election. Brit Hume is retiring?!? This may have been reported earlier, but if it was then I missed it. No idea who is slated to take his place. He will definitely be missed as a knowledgeable and sober voice on television. I've enjoyed seeing him calmly respond with facts (and a little sarcasm) when a panelist claimed something obviously incorrect. Too many conservatives (Hannity, etc) get bombastic and shout at their guests. Hume never even raises his voice and is more effective because of his ability to remain rational even when dealing with liberal silliness. I realize that was a bad comparison since Hume does a panelist show while Hannity has an interview show and invites all sorts of goofs as guests.

Enjoy your retirement, Brit. Your professionalism will be missed.



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