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Monday, November 3, 2008

Endorsement for President of the United States of America

Tomorrow between 130 million and 160 million people will go to the polls and elect the next president. Many people will endorse a candidate and give a couple reasons why they prefer that one over the other (or others, if you actually acknowledge Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney, Bobb Barr, and friends). This time I'd rather address various concerns and how the candidates stack up on those particular issue.

If you care about security and national defense, here is how they compare:
Sen. John McCain - A lifetime of military service, followed by decades in the Senate fighting for defense issues including fighting against misguided spending.
Sen. Barack Obama - Scant history, but wrong on the only issue he has expressed an opinion on - the surge in Iraq. Also, has discussed cutting defense spending by 25% and discontinuing any anti-missile defense spending.

I'll give that one to McCain. Make your own call.

If you care about foreign affairs:
McCain - Has been repeatedly tested and will be respected by foreign leaders.
Obama - Very naive and assumes leader of hostile nations can be talked into being nice. Chose Sen. Biden as his running mate because of Biden's vast experience in foreign affairs. Problem is Biden has decades of being wrong on nearly every issue that has come up.

I kind of think that one goes to McCain as well.

If you care about the economy:
McCain - Not an economist by his own admission. However, we can count on him to work diligently to curb excessive government spending.
Obama - Will raise taxes causing a much deeper and longer recession. His positions that he admits to border on European socialism. His long associations with admitted communists like Bill Ayers and Frank Davis leave me thinking socialism is the least of our concerns with Obama.

McCain isn't my first choice on this issue, but he is far better than his opponent again.

If you care about character and personality:
McCain - Positives: Survived several years in a POW camp and his fellow prisoners compliment him as a major boost to their morale because of his open defiance of prison officials and refusal to accept early release from prison based on his father's seniority.
Negatives: After returning from prison, he cheated on and later divorced his first wife, Carol, who had been seriously injured in a car accident while he was gone.
Obama - Positives: Seems like a good family man with a happy marriage.
Negatives: Attended a church with a goofy racist preacher for twenty years and had no problem associating with Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko, Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, etc.

Feeling generous I'd almost call this a tie. However, Obama's repeated misjudgments of people seriously call his ability to differentiate right from wrong into question.

If you are worried about excessive government intrusion into our lives:
McCain - Has long advocated a limited role for our government.
Obama - Is a major proponent of increased government influence through a national health care plan.

McCain looks better here.

If you're anxious for increased spending on failed social service programs then Sen Obama is the candidate for you. From his failures with the Annenberg Challenge, which spent a hundred million dollars and made no difference in Chicago inner city schools to the tax payer money he wasted to improve his district (you know - the $100,000 Gazebo) he has shown a real fondness for spending other people's money.

If you think we need to continue to force lending institutions to provide home loans to high-risk buyers then Obama is your guy. He is the Fannie Mae sponsored candidate.

If you're concerned about First Amendment rights:
McCain - Co-Author and defender of McCain/Feingold Act which infringed on our right to free speech.
Obama - Expected to take action to restore the misnamed Fairness Doctrine in order to silence talk radio.

Once again, I'll call this a tie though the Fairness Doctrine seems like a greater threat to our rights.

If you're concerned about Second Amendment rights:
McCain/Palin - Both endorsed by the NRA. Palin is an avid hunter and outdoorsman.
Obama/Biden - Prior to running for president, Obama was an extremist against 2nd Amendment rights. He even disagreed with the right of someone to defend themselves in their home.

McCain is your only choice in this regard. Not even close.

Do you want more or less government? I want gridlock more than increased government action. Consider what an Obama election would mean. We'd have an extremely liberal congress (both houses) with an equally liberal rubber stamp in the White House. With a McCain election, anything he proposed would be fought in congress and if congress voted for anything overly ridiculous then McCain could veto.

If you care about the destination of your soul:
McCain/Palin - Don't just talk the talk on pro-life, they live those values.
Obama/Biden - Most pro-abortion presidential ticket ever. Obama has gone so far as to oppose legislation that would require treatment for children who survive abortions out of fear that any infringement on abortion could threaten Roe v. Wade.

Personally, when I meet my maker I'll have enough to account for that I don't want to have to defend voting for Obama.

Bottom line: If you have any concern about the future of our country Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin are the choice going forward. Go with Obama/Biden if you want bad people running bad government.

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