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Monday, November 3, 2008

Endorsement for Pennsylvania's 12th District

I endorse Bill Russell to serve as U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania's 12th District. Russell is a combat veteran and a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel. Russell is a sharp individual and a staunch conservative. However, it is equally important who he would replace in Congress - Rep. Jack "My Constituents are Racist Rednecks" Murtha (D-PA). A corrupt politician, Murtha has been embarrassing his district and our country for decades. During the 1970's he was caught on tape by the FBI negotiating bribes during the ABSCAM scandal. Since the 70's he has been wasting government money on various pork barrel spending projects in his home district ensuring his reelection. In recent years Murtha, a rare EX-Marine, slandered our troops by declaring they had murdered Iraqi men, women and children in cold blood before the investigation was completed. Add it all up and he must go. If the people of Pennsylvania have any pride whatsoever he will lose big tomorrow.

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