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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pork Laden Faux "Stimulus" Bill Passes House Vote

The House of Representatives approved the massive, wasteful, pork filled, "stimulus" spending bill desired by the Obama administration. In a rare show of backbone the entire Republican caucus voted against this mess. As this legislation is finally read and understood it will be advantageous for Republicans to be able to point at this waste and proudly declare they opposed that spending.

Separately, this legislation is instructive about political tactics. After repeated attempts to sell socialized or nationalized medicine, the Dems realized that Americans were basically against seeing the government take over health care. So, instead they repackaged it as a stimulus bill. Check out what that bloated spending bill contains. You'll find out that instead of an economic stimulus bill they just managed to sneak a big step towards nationalized medicine through in disguise.

Another future "benefit" of all this government spending is a little thing we like to call inflation. When the government spends that doesn't really exist it eventually leads to devaluing of the currency. Massive spending in turn will lead to massive inflation. Don't know when, but the bill will come due and we, our children and our grandchildren will pay for this crap repeatedly thanks to the power of compound interest.


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