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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Cabinet is the Tip of the Iceberg

Many have correctly criticized the Obama Administration over the choices for Cabinet and other high level positions requiring Senate confirmation. Based on his history of poor judgment regarding people to associate with, Obama has unsurprisingly staffed his Cabinet with all sorts of anti-Americans, socialists, tax cheats, perjurers, and other reprobates you wouldn't trust to watch your pets if you went out of town for a few days. However, the real long term damage to our country will be done by the hundreds of mid-level positions they will fill in the various government departments and regulatory agencies. Here is one example of the type of questionable hiring we can can expect to see a lot of over the next four years.
She believes al-Qaida was an "obscure group" turned into a massive threat due to U.S. policies.

She's referred to former President Bush as "our torturer in chief" and a "psychotic who need(s) treatment" while comparing Bush's arguments for waging a war on terrorism to Adolf Hitler's use of political propaganda.

She's worked on behalf of George Soros' philanthropic foundation.

Meet Rosa Brooks, the Obama administration's new adviser to Michelle Fluornoy, the undersecretary of defense for policy, a position described as one of the most influential in the Pentagon.

"I prefer to think of (my new position) as my personal government bailout," Brooks wrote in a departing piece at the Los Angeles Times, where she served as a regular columnist.
The attitude demonstrated by the comments bolded at the bottom is reason enough to want to see someone kick her teeth in. When you hear about oddballs like Brooks, keep in mind that she doesn't stand out in this administration but rather fits in nicely.

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