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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Corrupt, Racist Politician Caught With Hands in Cookie Jar

A little news from the couldn't happen to a nicer person department we get news that Detroit Councilwoman Monica Conyers (wife of disgusting Congressman John Conyers) has finally been caught and is facing charges in a bribery case.
Prosecutors who offered Conyers a chance to plead guilty to a five-year bribery-related felony charge in return for expected leniency wanted an answer by the end of Tuesday, persons familiar with the investigation said, though it was not clear that represented a firm deadline.

Conyers, who had not answered by the end of the business day, does not want to go to jail and is resisting pleading to an offense more serious than a misdemeanor, sources said.

If you're are unfamiliar with the various stunts this character has pulled over the years, visit theblogprof. BlogProf posted links and videos of Councilwoman Conyers' various acts of misbehavior from over the years. How do people like her (and her husband) keep getting reelected?

While the article makes it sound like the Feds have this crook nailed, I'll believe it when she pleads guilty. She has shown in the past that she is slippery enough to get out of some tight jams. So, for the moment I'll resist saying good riddance to bad rubbish.

For laughs and to see what a clown this woman is, watch this video.



Blogger bob said...

I always say the Democrats policies are job killers. I might have to rethink that though with almost every big city run by Dems there ought to be enough corruption to add thousands and thousands of F.B.I to investigate.

June 18, 2009 at 2:06 AM


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