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Friday, November 20, 2009

Suddenly Google has a Conscience?

Google has apologized after a racist caricature of Michelle Obama became the top result for users searching for pictures of the US First Lady.

Pretty odd that now all of a sudden Google is concerned about poor taste in their image searches. Don't get me wrong, people with political disagreements with the president should find a way to express their disagreement without slipping into the ugliness of racism or beyond that even attacking his wife for her appearance. She does not look that much like Chewbacca. Back to Google, I don't remember them apologizing for the very racist cartoons of Condoleeza Rice that have popped up when GIS is done on her. Out of the realm of politics do a GIS for almost any female celebrity and you get images of their head photoshopped onto a nude body. Google either needs to clean up all their searches or do a blanket apology to everyone while admitting they have no control over their system.

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