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Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend Sports Roundup

Because the Indians and Browns have been awful, I have not commented on the sports world all that much in recent months. However, a lot of interesting things happened in sports this weekend. Here are a few things that jumped out at me:
How far have the Michigan Wolverines fallen? I actually read an article with a headline posing this question: Iowa triumph felt like Michigan for Big Ten champ Buckeyes -- can OSU get up for struggling Wolverines?" Garbage! The Buckeyes should be able to get up for the Michigan game regardless of either teams record!

Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts beat New England Patriots last night with a touchdown as time was running out on the game. However, all the news today is about how the Patriots lost. Getting most of the attention is Bill Belichick's decision to go for it on 4th down late in the game on the Patriots side of the field. They were up by 6 points and the standard decision is to punt the ball away and make your opponent go the length of the field. That decision is getting dissected this morning because it didn't work. If it had worked it would be a footnote to a good game. However, since it led to another Manning comeback it is the big story of a great game. Nearly every TV talking head has questioned Belichick's decision, one even called it idiotic. Only Chris Carter on ESPN defended the call. He pointed out that New England has had a good track record of going for it on 4th down against Indianapolis and that the way Manning scored easily on the Colts last drive, Belichick was right to try for the first down so they could end the game without putting the ball in Manning's hand again. Two problems with that notion. First, you never give your opponent a short field late when you're ahead by less than seven points. Secondly, going for it on 4th down like that sent a message to his defense that he didn't trust them to stop Manning. Joe Posnanski has a more in depth look at the call and the guy who made the call.

Michelle Wie won her first LPGA tournament and the word used by everyone to describe her victory is "finally." Is that fair? Sure, it seems like she has been on the tour forever. However, she is just 20 years old. How old was Tiger Woods when he won his first pro tournament? Twenty. Something else jumped out from the article about her victory:
Solheim Cup teammates Morgan Pressel and Creamer showered Wie on the 18th green after the winning putt.

"Just seeing them come out and pour beer all over me, it was a great feeling," Wie said. "I've always seen it on TV and I've always wanted people to pour beer on me. It was as great as I thought it was."
Huh? I'm not a big follower of women's golf and didn't realize they had a tradition of pouring beer on each other. If she thinks wearing beer is great wait until she is old enough to taste it. Silly isn't it? This young lady has been a professional for several years but because of our weird laws she is not legally able to purchase a beer. Anyways, congrats Michelle.

The Cincinnati Bengals went to Pittsburgh and beat the Steelers rather handily. With that win, the Bengals may have basically sown up the division. You still have to play the games, but they're up two games in the division when you consider tie breakers and they actually have a very easy schedule going forward. Five of their last seven games are against teams with losing records. Four of them have two or less wins. Eleven or twelve wins is not out of the question.

Late in the Titans victory over the Bills, Titans owner Bud Adams was caught on film flipping the bird towards the Bills several times. Mr. Adams, you're 86 years old and acting like a teenager? Stupid and immature. If you're 86 years old and getting called immature then somethings wrong.

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Blogger Ben said...

2 points.

One, I actually watched the Soleheim Cup and Wie was great in it. Not only her play, but she finally looked like she was having a good time and not being robotic.

Secondly, the Belicheck call. Like I said today, thats not even a move you make in video games. even it works, it was still a bad call. I know he has won some Super Bowls, but still. Make Manning go the distance if the Colts are to win.

November 16, 2009 at 7:43 PM


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