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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Most Disgusting Example of Government Waste

If this doesn't make you nauseous, then nothing will.
At a time when the American taxpayer is on the hook for trillions in current and future federal spending—when the Congressional Budget Office warns that the current rate of federal spending is “unsustainable”—liberal Democrats in Congress have earmarked over $68 million of taxpayer dollars for a Boston shrine to the late Senator Edward Kennedy.
If the fools in Boston want to put up a shrine to the recently departed drunken fool they can get contributions from individual fools instead of stealing it from the taxpayers in hidden earmarks.

Here is a link to the original Boston Herald story.

My position on this is not just due to my negative feelings over the miserable wretch the shrine is being built to honor. Even if a shrine is being built for a decent human being I'd want it to be funded by private donations. Also, this is not comparable to buildings, highways, airports, being named for politicians. A stretch of highway named for Ronald Reagan or John Glenn have a legitimate purpose beyond just glorifying a politician.

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