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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Someone Arrested for Choosing a Late Term Abortion! Where are the Protests from NOW & NARAL???

A 21-year-old in Oakland was arrested for choosing a late term abortion and yet there haven't been any protests from the National Organization for Women (NOW) or National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL). Wonder why? Could it be because it was a male that chose a late term abortion? It can't be due to the babies age. Once you decide killing a little kid is okay then the age shouldn't be a big issue.
A 21-year-old Oakland man is in police custody after he threw his baby daughter into the path of a moving car, according to cops.

Police say an off-duty officer saw the man, later identified as John Taylor, shake the 18-month girl and throw her into oncoming traffic on Fifth Avenue near East 15th Street around 5:39 p.m. Saturday. A Volkswagen Jetta almost hit the toddler, police say, and the car's undercarriage burned and scraped the girl.
Thankfully, the child somehow survived the abortion attempt. Sadly, the child will likely be returned to the same environment and remain in danger.

A quote from later in the article showed the child's "mother" is a real winner as well:
"I'm hurting now because I know my baby's father is in jail facing charges and I don't feel that it is reasonable," the girl's mother, Alena Bartholemew told NBC Bay Area.

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