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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Today's Must Read Articles

In an article titled: Obama succeeded only in creating uncertainty, Thomas Sowell explains why the stimulus did not lead to job creation. I can sum it up by explaining that every time a business considers increasing hiring they evaluate the risks and decide whether or not the costs of the employee will be outweighed by the value gained from his work. Uncertainty over what the government may impose makes it impossible to calculate the costs of doing business causing companies to wait to make expansion decisions until they can have some confidence in their calculations. One thing Sowell neglected in his article is fear of the looming Cap and Trade scam legislation.

Our second Must Read is an article by Karl Rove discussing his biggest mistake in the Bush administration.

A couple of the founders of the Tea Party movement wrote an op-ed piece about being labeled as racist by the racist organization called the NAACP. At some point the lefts weapon of choice - crying racism - will lose its power if enough people fight back instead of cowering at the charge.

Speaking of racism, Newsbusters has a piece showing how MSNBC's Chrissie Matthews is race obsessed and confused.
Perplexed Matthews: How Can South Carolina GOPers Vote for Indian-American But Not Support a Black President?
I think Matthews honestly believes that opposition to Obama's policies must be based on race and can't understand how the "clearly racist" South Carolina GOP can turn around and support a candidate who is the child of Indian immigrants. The left floated the idea a few years ago about Bush being in a bubble of people all in agreement with him. I think the same can be said about Matthews and his ilk. Everyone he knows believe in liberal policies so the disagreement with Obama's liberal policies must be about race instead of policy. Matthews needs to get out of his bubble meet some ordinary Americans and find out we have opinions on hundreds of subjects and the vast majority of us don't form our opinion based on racial considerations.


Here is another MUST READ which ought to be read by the president's advisers. Victor Davis Hanson has a column titled: A Ten-Step Reset Regimen for the President. The only thing that could save President Obama from going down in history as the largest failure as a president would be to back off his desire to radically re-make America into a socialist "utopia" and instead move towards the center. The Republican take over of congress in 1994 forced Bill Clinton to move to the center thereby saving him from destroying his presidency. In fact, he later was able to take credit for the things he didn't want to do. Well, Hanson's columnis in a similar vein, but more specifically tied to changes Obama needs to make personally to save his presidency. Here is one of the ten suggestions click the link for the rest:
10) Take a breather on the green agenda. Al Gore imploded, both from revelations about his personal life and the labyrinth of his financial machinations. Climategate discredited academic finger-pointing. Promises about “skyrocketing” power bills don’t go well with a recession. The old “millions of new green jobs” wonkery is a bad joke from a college bull session. Nuclear, natural gas, clean coal, and drilling in ANWR have more resonance than subsidized wind and solar jobs at a million or so in federal subsidies each.

Will Obama adopt any of my suggestions? No, of course not. Why? Because he is pushing an agenda that 55-70% of the American people do not want, and so it is necessary to evoke the kitchen sink to get it across: Bush did it, the oil cadre did it, racialist America, Islamophobia, “them,” a cool hip president, raise the bar — all that is a desperate (albeit doomed) way of venting, threatening, pleading, and pushing a blueprint that on its merits goes nowhere.
Sadly the last paragraph quoted above is most likely correct. This president is too arrogant and certain he knows what's best for the rest of us to bother listening to advice.

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Blogger bob said...

I've said it before if Bush were still president the recession would be truely over with about 5-6 percent unemployment. This isn't a knock exclusively aimed at Obama any new president would have raised uncertainties although I think Obama pushes that envelope.

I would take Rove's statement one step further and say that the wmd's not only weren't a lie but a fact. Our tedious month after month debate in o2-o3 about whether we should or shouldn't go into Iraq gave Saddam to much time to divert his WMD's to Syria and others.

July 17, 2010 at 3:21 AM


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