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Friday, April 25, 2008

Obama has some more supporters

After embarrassing moments courtesy of his minister and other supporters, Sen. Obama has to be concerned about the potential baggage of his supporters. Here are a couple more supporters that should give him pause but likely won't.
Outspoken documentary film-maker Michael Moore Monday endorsed Democratic White House hopeful Barack Obama, decrying the "downright disgusting" campaign tactics of Hillary Clinton.
Wow, that's a rousing endorsement.
Former US President Jimmy Carter declined to endorse either candidate on the eve of Pennsylvania's Democratic primary but strongly hinted that he supported Illinois Senator Barak Obama. "My little town of Plains voted for Obama, and as you know my state of Georgia voted for Obama, and all of my children, all of my grandchildren, and all of their spouses are for Obama... That's as far as I've gone."

Carter said he has already made his decision but would not announce it until at least June 3, after the last primaries have been held. But he said "it would be unlikely, to put it mildly, that the super-delegates would reverse a decision that had been made on the popular vote, the number of states, and the delegates."
To win in November Obama will need to shed the extreme liberal/radical image that plays well in Democrat primaries but turns off regular folks in the general election. Being endorsed by a film maker who is vocally anti-gun rights and proponent of Fidel Castro style communism doesn't help. Then you have Jimmy Carter, arguably the worst president ever, who just made another foreign policy undermining trip to the Middle East where he met with Hamas terrorists and reverently laid a wreath at the grave of his old terrorist buddy - Yasser Arafat. If there is anyone Obama should avoid comparisons to it is former president Jimmy Carter. When he left office in 1981, Carter was considered an inept but decent man. His first few years out of office he did charitable work with Habitat for Humanity and people kindly labeled him the best ex-president. He must have gotten bored building houses and decided to stick his nose in foreign affairs during the last couple administrations. Instead of being considered a kindly old man who does charitable work he is now seen in a very different light. At best he is thought to be extremely naive in accepting at face value the word of his various buddies (dictators, communists, and terrorists). At worst he is a bitter old fool and an anti-Semetic racist. Either way Carter is not the example of Democrat president Obama should want voters remembering when they enter the voting booth in November.

If Republicans could arrange it they would set it up for Carter and Moore to sit together at the Democrat National Convention. Oh, that's right. They did sit together at the 2004 convention. Any bets on whether that was a net gain or loss for Kerry?


Blogger Ben said...

They are all going to be problems. Democrats are trying to ignore it now or blame people like you for talking about it - like it is your fault.

How about Carter, Kerry, Moore, Wright, Ayers, and McGovern all in the same box at the convention in Denver?

April 25, 2008 at 11:26 AM

Blogger bob said...

Actually it is the problem with the whole Democratic party. Even moderate Dems like Lieberman won't endorse Clinton,or Obama. The party is split in two moderates and moonbats.

April 26, 2008 at 3:15 AM


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