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Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 Year in Review

I'm pretty glad to see 2008 come to a close for a good number of reasons.
* The Indians were mediocre for most of the year.
* The Browns only wish they had been mediocre.
* The Buckeyes entered the season with high hopes based on the number and quality of their returning starters. Then Ohio State took a trip out west and got waxed by USC essentially ending their season.
* The stock market tanked. And tanked, and tanked, etc, etc, etc. . .
* The Republican party lost their own primary.
* America lost the general election.

One major reason to be glad to see 2008 ending is we get to read Dave Barry's annual Year in Review column. Here is a taste, click the link for the rest:
On the Democratic side, the surprise winner is Barack Obama, who is running for president on a long and impressive record of running for president. A mesmerizing speaker, Obama electrifies voters with his exciting new ideas for change, although people have trouble remembering exactly what these ideas are because they are so darned mesmerized. Some people become so excited that they actually pass out. These are members of the press corps.

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Blogger ffrye said...

Large, I heard a great bit from my SIRIUS radio last evening that I think is telling..."Have we set the expectations so high that the only thing Obama can do is fail?" As I watch the evening BLAH-casts I can't help but feel like they are so much anticipating what he'll do next that they have tunnel vision. They're like paparazzi around this guy. Sure, we can't miss seeing the Gaza Strip action and Wall Street woes, but it is frightening to see the focus so intense. The rest of the world is also out there Katie...! I also wish for a brighter day than the past 180. Cheers. Frenchie
p.s. I don't watch Katie.

January 6, 2009 at 4:38 AM


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