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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Pride of Michigan - Carl Levin

The senior senator from Michigan, Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) while grilling an executive from Goldman Sachs used an expletive eleven times in four minutes. I'm no prude and I'm not offended to hear that word. In a couple decades in the Navy I heard every swear word imaginable a few hundred times. I'll admit to using some a few times. However, Levin is not some 19 year old deck seaman. He is a 76 years old adult who has been in the U.S. Senate for 30 years. One would think an elected official would have sufficient vocabulary to express himself in a congressional hearing without resorting to a string of swear words. Before someone mentions it, yes I am aware he was using it because the word was used in an email to describe an investment deal. He was demonizing the company by using one persons coarsely worded negative opinion of the deal in an attempt to prove they should have known those investments were going to go south. Ridiculous! As big as Goldman Sachs is you will find someone at the company on both side of every investment idea. All investments have risks. Some have lower risks and a lower potential payoff and some have higher risk and a higher potential payoff.

Additionally, if anyone brought before one of these congressional hearings started repeatedly swearing they would be cautioned about it and held in contempt if they continued to do so.

Lastly, most of these congresscritters are bullies towards anyone brought before them and installing cameras to the chamber just caused them to behave worse as they now play to the impress those watching at home instead of asking legitimate questions aimed at finding the truth.

Hey, Michigan! Is Levin really the best you can find to represent you in the Senate?

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