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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Random Thoughts and Links

It is funny how the meaning of words change over time. Take the word "extremist." Lately, I've heard that people who think that those entering our country should do so legally are "extremists." Sorry, but no that is perfectly reasonable position to take.

If you want a valid example of extremists consider this article.

The Braves have scored 13 runs during their current 8 game losing streak. Suddenly, the Indians offense is not quite as awful as I thought, comparatively.

Considering the lunacy of some on the left side of the political spectrum people say Democrats aren't playing with a full deck of cards. Recently, it seems they are down to just one card - the "Race Card." The latest example of this propensity to make everything about race (especially when losing the underlying argument) is from New York:

It started as an angry blow-up, and then it escalated. A state senator with a history of anger management issues says his race-based rant was part of his fight against the "evil of white supremacy."

Brooklyn State Senator Kevin Parker is a well-documented hothead, and on Wednesday he took to the airwaves to unapologetically defend his latest shouting match.

"It's par for the course for what we have to do in Albany – fighting the forces of evil," Senator Parker said. Parker shockingly identified the "enemies" he's fighting as other senators. "These long-term, white supremacist, you know, Republican senators," he said.

That followed a free-for-all shouting match in Albany Tuesday where Parker heatedly objected to the questions asked by a white senator, John DeFrancisco of Syracuse, of a black nominee to the New York State Power Authority.

"John, you are totally out of order, you are out of order," Parker shouted. "How dare you? You racist people in here."
Like the Boy Who Cried Wolf, crying racism when inappropriate will in time mean the cry will be ignore when it is appropriate. People of Parker's ilk are actually hurting legitimate victims of racism.

I misread the political tea leaves after Scott Brown was elected U.S. Senator from Massachusetts. I wrongly assumed President Obama and the Democrats in control of Congress would temper their drive to re-make this country out of fear of the November elections. Instead, Brown's victory and ugly polling numbers have spurred the Democrats to double down their bets and ramp up efforts to weaken this country through health care "reform," the Cap and Trade global warming tax scam, and a renewed push for amnesty for illegal immigrants. Instead of fearing loss of their jobs they are assuming massive losses and rushing to get unpopular legislation passed before they lose control. Best proof that they are anticipating massive losses in November? They already voted for no congressional pay raise for the next congress.

In the Florida Republican primary pitting Gov. Charlie Crist against state Sen. Marco Rubio people have been focusing on whether the faltering governor will drop out of the primary and run as an independent. What people are not discussing much is why did the national Republican party establishment back Crist in the primary? I have no problem with big names within the party endorsing a candidate in a primary. However, I have a major problem with the RNC, RSCC or RCCC financially backing a candidate in a primary. Save that money for the general election. Additionally, in recent years the Washington establishment Republicans have leaned towards picking candidates based on their perceived electability rather than because the candidate shares our conservative ideals. A great example is Lincoln Chafee. How'd he work out for us?

Speaking of the Florida primary and the news that Crist is going to run as an independent, there is something wrong about that process. I think you should not be able to run as an independent in the same election cycle where you competed for a party's nomination.

Am I the only one who wasn't thrilled with the NFL draft starting on prime time on a weeknight and being dragged out over three days?

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Blogger bob said...

I don't care for the new draft format. Instead of watching I just tuned in for updates in the evening.

April 30, 2010 at 1:43 AM


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