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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Okay, okay I was Wrong About New York's Mayor Bloomberg

I thought my opinion of New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg couldn't get much lower. Bloomberg embraces all the intrusive nanny state policies that give government more and more control of the citizen's lives. Whether it is attacking smoking, outlawing trans-fats (whatever that is it sounds tasty), fighting against salt, he is usually in the news for something that is none of his business. What has he done to lower my already low opinion? He commented on the recent terrorist attempt to set off a car bomb in Times Square. Did he thank the alert person who sounded the alarm about the suspicious vehicle and remind everyone else to remain vigilant for things out of the ordinary? Nope. He mused that the attack could have been by someone upset with the health care bill. What?! He wouldn't want to offend Muslims (you know the folks who do most of the terror attacks) by suggesting this might have been what it was. He'd rather assume it was an American unhappy with lousy health care legislation.

His stupid comments follow recent attempts by Democratic party leaders and their accomplices in the media to label the Tea Party protesters as dangerous radicals. However, it ignores the fact that while people opposed to the radical agenda of the current administration are angry their protests have been peaceful. Compare the aftermath of the various Tea Party protests/marches to the actions of the recent protests by supporters of illegal immigration or the anti-war protests during the last administration.

Here is a link to a comparison between two recent rallies in Boston.



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