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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dishonest Headline/Article of the Day

It is one thing to slightly slant news coverage or to give the benefit of doubt. It is another thing altogether to completely lie as James Oliphant and Christi Parson did in an article titled:
Kagan's abortion stance has both sides guessing

We have someone appointed by the most pro-abortion president (You know, the creep who wouldn't want his daughters punished with a baby. In other words, he would prefer his grandchildren be murdered than be inconvenient.). Do you need to guess whether he would appoint a supreme court justice that has any qualms about infanticide?

I will hope and pray she comes around to see abortion for the evil it is, but I'm not silly enough to think I need to guess what her views are as of the day President Obama nominated her. I guarantee you Obama isn't guessing about this question.

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